It appears that there's a new policy in place at the Hall of Records in Freehold requiring demonstrators to get a permit before protesting in the plaza. Only problem is, nobody seems to know about it, not even the Monmouth County Freeholders, according to members of the Latino Coalition.

CASA Freehold attempts to hang a banner at the Hall of Records (CASA)

Coalition member Stan Organek says Casa Freehold members told him they were attempting to hang up a banner at the Hall of Records in preparation for a demonstration about immigration reform and were confronted by two county employees about the need for a permit. However, Organek says when the coalition spoke with the Freeholders recently, they didn't have a grasp on the new permitting policy.

Organek says "it's my firm belief, at this moment, that there's really no one in the county who has a clear understanding on what that policy is, what the specifics of that policy outlines"

Security officer at the Hall of Records explains banner policy to a Casa Freehold member (Casa Freehold)

Organek says the Freeholders said they would talk with county counsel and get back to them. However, he adds "my position is even before the review that we need to keep an open mind as to whether or not the permitting process for the plaza in front of the Hall of Records has shown itself to be even necessary."

Organek believes the permitting process would dampen free speech and prohibit spontaneous expressions of free speech. He says the new permitting rule also doesn't allow citizens to hold a spontaneous demonstration on the weekend because the Monmouth County Offices would not be open to get a permit.