Organic farms in New Jersey are seeing sales increase.

John Moore, Getty Images

"We have 72 farms in New Jersey and their sales are about $3 million, and the sales per farm have been increasing to about $42,000 per farm," said New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher. "Some of the smaller farms are being consolidated with some other operations. So they are getting a bit larger."

On June 17,  Fisher toured two organic farms to spotlight the numerous opportunities for consumers to buy locally.

One of the ways organic farms earn revenue is by engaging in direct marketing. "You [consumers] can drive right on to the farm and buy from the organic farmer. They also do work very much with community served agriculture where people will buy the output of that farm," Fisher said.

The trend to purchase local fruits and vegetables is likely to continue, according to Fisher. "There's a growing demand for locally produced products and locally grown. There's a greater demand for organic locally grown, but there's also a greater demand in general for product and foodstuff that are grown in our midst."

There are currently 85 organic producers and handlers in New Jersey, according to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. "It's just a phenomena that has really taken hold, and the demand continues to increase," Fisher said.