Eight in ten seniors are on medication and yet, only half have talked to a medical professional about possible safety issues related to driving.

AAA has launched a new initiative designed to help seniors understand how their medications may affect their ability to drive safely. Roadwise Rx is an online tool that details common side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

"You go to the agency's website, go to Roadwise Rx and plug in the medications you're currently taking. It lets you know if there's an interaction or side effect and how it could possibly effect your driving ability," said Tracy Noble, spokesperson AAA Mid-Atlantic. "You can enter your prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and you can even enter vitamins and herbal supplements. It will tell you if there are side effects or medication cross-interactions that would have an affect on your driving ability whether they would cause drowsiness, whether they interact with each other and if they would cause interference with your reaction time. It's a self-help tool."

"A recent AAA survey found that women (58 percent) are more likely than men (46 percent) to seek counsel on the risks of driving while on medication, yet this is an issue that all older drivers and their families need to address," said Noble. "Roadwise Rx lets users move beyond the old-fashioned 'brown bag' review with an easy way to virtually pool together their pill bottles and talk to their doctor."

"There are lots of safeguards in place at doctors offices and at pharmacies. This is just another level of protection for individuals to look into their own well-being and make sure they're safe on the roadway. This is just another way to help seniors stay driving safer longer, so they don't become victims of unfortunate accidents," said Noble.

Roadwise Rx is available, at no cost, to all seniors and their families.