What New Jersey celebrity would you name your favorite piece of chocolate after? Did you ever think about it? A box of chocolates served as New Jersey celebrities. I have. What do you think?

Hmmmm let's do it, here's what I think they'd be named after:

  • 1

    Meryl Streep: Peach Cream

    Silky skin.

  • 2

    The Jonas Brothers: Cashew Cluster

    A cluster is 3, to me.


  • 3

    Derek Jeter: Almond Nougat

    Yummy nougat says it all!

  • 4

    Bruce Springsteen: Cherry Cordial

    Is there anything better?


  • 5

    Jon Bon Jovi: Chocolate Truffle

    Oh my, so delicious!


  • 6

    Danny DeVito: Chocolate Covered Peanut

    He's a little peanut!

  • 7

    Queen Latifah: Raspberry Truffle

    They're both classy and fun.

  • 8

    Bruce Willis: Buttercream

    It's a little hard on the outside, soft and delicious in the middle - that's Bruce.

  • 9

    John Travolta: Coconut

    I just think of him dancing in "Saturday Night Fever" and I think coconut. Why, I don't know, but doesn't it work?