An independent documentary film now in production is hoping to expose corruption in every U.S. state, including New Jersey.

The film is called Lawless America and the filmmaker is hoping to be able to make change with his story.

The documentary focuses on anyone who’s ever fallen victim to crooked government officials and problems within the judicial system. 63 year old Georgia resident Bill Windsor is an unlikely person for the job. He tells us “I never protested anything before something had happened to me. I was just a grandpa and that was it. Now I have a mission. Everyone needs to know our rights are constantly being violated.”

Windsor was in Mount Laurel, New Jersey earlier this month taping interviews for the film. He says he needs to reach as many people as possible and “that’s why I’m heading to all fifty states to get everyone’s stories.I have heard so many tragic things including wrongful imprisonment, false accusations that are just swept under the rug – even judges that were seen taking bribes from crooked attorneys. It’s all covered.”

Upon completion, they plan to submit and hopefully screen the film in festivals across the country and in foreign markets. All of the financing for the documentary is coming from Windsor’s own credit cards and from donations he’s receiving from victims and others. The crew is also working for very low pay and some just as volunteers.

For more information on the film and Windor’s mission, visit the website.