There is no doubt that in these difficult times just keeping your head above water can be a challenge but when you are older and dealing with disabilities a challenging situation can become overwhelming.  That sums up the plight of Larry and Margie Grueninger of Lakehurst who have had to overcome a lot just to get where they are today and are wondering what tomorrow will bring.

In their mid 60’s the Grueningers have battled near lifelong physical disabilities to work and build a home in Lakehurst that could accommodate the fact that they live in their wheelchairs.  Maintaining a quality of life in their home is their top priority but developments have left the couple wondering about their future.

Larry, who designed the couple’s home, worked as a draftsman until he was laid off three years ago.  Marge, who has been in a wheelchair since she was a young child, worked until she could no longer because of her disability more than a decade ago.

Even though they could have received social security years ago the proud couple did not seek assistance until they had to…for Margie when she had to stop working and in Larry’s case after he lost his job.

Like many they have blown through whatever savings they had and now live on the $2900 they receive each month from social security.  With an $1100 per month mortgage payment, costly prescriptions and other medical needs it makes getting by a matter of survival.  They fell behind in their mortgage and are trying to re-work that through a bank but even if they do each month will be a battle with no end in sight.

Enter Denny D’Andrea a recently retired teacher and high school wrestling coach who worked and lives in Brick Township.  He’s been friends with the Grueningers for years and has with the help of others come to their aid through various fundraising efforts.

D’Andrea said it breaks his heart to see what the couple is going through especially when you add in the physical challenges they face on a daily basis.  He is reaching out to the public and asking they consider helping in any way they can.  Those interested can contact him at (732) 278-7276 and he’ll be happy to provide information.  Neighbors helping neighbors. That’s what it’s all about.