How can I recycle this, flickr

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this, but I'm thinking this would be a great title to a book.  My Under-wire Just Broke---- Ladies, I know you know what I mean.

Man, these little things really are not a big deal, but it happens.  Like that run in your stockings or that button that just popped off and you need a pin to keep it closed.  It's these things that set us back, we're on a routine, we get our breakfast ready, get the kids ready and we are all out the door raring to go and whoops your heel breaks.

It's these things that you know the day will just not go your way.

But hey, let's make it a good day!

Maybe one wire only, a run in your stocking, your coffee spills on you--that's ok, you're alive and that's all that matters!  Now, enough of the poking, I have to go and pull the wire out!  Here's a quick tip for fixing that annoying under-wire, I usually just pull it out!

Here's a quick tip to fix that run in your stockings:



Tell me a little story about that day where that thing broke or you had a run in your stockings or your quick fixes to help us all out!