We received this letter today...and it touched our hearts.

It's so true!  We have seen major destruction of this beautiful state.  We will rebuild and our New Jersey hearts are joined together forever!  Thank you Carol!



Here's the letter and poem from Carol:

Hi Sue & Shawn,

For some reason when my emotions are saddest I can write feelings from my heart--

I have lived in new Jersey--Born in Newark and after a short time in Virginia Beach--came back to the place I will always love.  I reside in Bayville for about 32-33 years.  I love so much about our state-of course the beach-ocean have been our gift to all who come.

So here enclosed is my "poem"--my words, if you'd like to share.

In the end I hope it gives hope and a rainbow at the end of a very dark cloud.

Carol in Bayville


"My New Jersey"

Don't know where to start--

How do you describe the pain our hearts?

Sandy, October 29, 2012 we will never forget.

She tore our homes right out from under our feet..She left destruction--beyond anything words could describe.  Leaving us homeless, blind in the dark, shivering in the cold..not even a chance to save a treasure, a picture or even giving is one last glance.

Sandy stole our shore, she battered and battered, her winds how they roared, the waves like Tsunamis, brought ocean to bay.

We stand here now on a new day...our hearts are broken..Our New Jersey will never be the same but through the sadness, the darkness that followed the people of New Jersey reached out to each other.  Looking out on homes not there anymore, boardwalks splintered and broken, sand piles made into mountains in the middle of a street.

New Jersey my home..these people are special they are tough and tired, weary but strong and don't get me wrong..New Jersey my home will be back..and I will be in my home right where I always belonged.

CJP 2012

Thank you Carol..

Just a reminder...The normal will only be a new normal now.