It's Back To School Night

So like many families here at the Jersey Shore, it's time for an annual tradition ... Back To School Night. This year though its a little different, it will be my last trip to "back to school" as my youngest is now a senior.

We started our journey through Pre K- 12 about 17 years ago between both my kids           ( Zach Graduating few years earlier ) and I never really looked at what it would be like as the Kids finish their regular school years....I have too admit it is a little sad,  although I look foward to their College Years too.

I have been very fortunate as both my kids have had fantastic "school time" doing well in the classroom , on the field of play and with all the extra stuff that made their time in school very some fantastic teachers along the way.

So I will say to Parents with children in grade school, enjoy the moments and make sure to attend their back to school nights....because with each one they get closer to receiving that diploma. I plan , as we always have, to attend every school function this year and support the Pinelands Wildcats! Enjoy your school year ! GO CATS! .... One last time

Do You Miss The "School" Years with Your Kids  ?