Everyday I take my daughter to her babysitters house at 4:30 am and that's where she gets ready for her big day at school.  It's where Abby gets to see her best friends, see her favorite teachers and her principal.

When I walk into my daughter's school I know it's a place where she is safe.  Where all of the teachers are there to show love, teach and protect my child.  As I walk through the doors of H & M Potter I see the lovely secretaries that set the stage of walking into a beautiful learning place where there's art on the walls, singing through the halls and teachers greeting you with a smile.  As this story in Newtown continues to dominate in the news we will hear the heroic stories of teachers and administrators in that school.  And there is no doubt in mind that in my daughter's school..it would be the same here in New Jersey.  Teachers are special people.  And I know when my Abby is in their class they will do everything they can to keep her protected.  There are no answers for this tragic, horrible incident.  And no school could ever deal with the violence that happened yesterday.

As these parents are waking up on this Saturday morning, how do you go on?  How do you celebrate a magical time in a 6 year old life called Christmas.  My heart breaks, I can`t even imagine what they are feeling.  My prayers are for all of the angels above us now, the teachers and the principal that were in harms way.  My heart breaks.  I can't remember a day waking up and feeling like this.  I do know one thing, I hugged  Abby for a long time last night.  To see her smile, it takes away the hurt.  And who do those parents hug today?  Tears running down my face, my heart breaks!

God Bless Newtown, Ct.  Peace on Earth.