There's a lot of firsts in my life but this is something I thought I did once, but never like this!  It was my first visit with Dr. Rob and the gang over there at Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine, Chiropractic Center and I was wildly impressed.  And a big "Hello" to Marilyn at the front desk in Lacey!  It's amazing what they do over there at Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine when it comes to pain.  They take pain seriously!  If you're waking up with pain today, they say,  "Text "PAINLESS" to 89000 for a FREE MRI Consultation...Don't Live With Pain".

They do massages and weight loss as well as so many other ways that will help you with pain and get back into the game.



So I stopped by the other day to pay my favorite Dr. Rob a visit and he said, "How about a massage"?  A a chiropractic place?..."Yes"!  OK, that would be great!  My massage therapist Melanie was wonderful.  She relaxed me and for one hour I was taken away from the everyday worries.  If you check out my friends at Thompson...ask for Melanie, she was great!  It was wonderful!

Is it time for you to get a massage?