Yesterday we told you about Beachwood's new QuickChek opening its doors on Route 9 (and the resulting traffic pattern changes). Today I stopped by to grab lunch, here are my first impressions:


The Parking Lot
It's probably just the first week honeymoon period, but I couldn't get a parking spot. While they have spots in front and on the sides, they could probably benefit from some more parking along the length of the property behind the gas pumps.


The Traffic Pattern
Anybody who frequented the old location will be pleased with the new one. Getting in and out of the cramped parking lot at the former location was a test of nerves and patience. Even with the talk of the change to Route 9 and the dedicated enter/exit lanes, I found getting in and out to be a breeze.


You can't compare to the old QuickChek a few yards further down Route 9. This one is much bigger. But there was a choke point at the registers. Instead of roping off a queuing-up area, people were lined up down the middle of an aisle waiting to check out. Which brings me to...


Checking Out
Honestly, I think they missed a major, major opportunity here. While the checkout line did move quickly, I was disappointed that there aren't any self-check kiosks like there are at the location further down Route 9 in Bayville. I'm one of those people who usually only gets a few things and appreciates the opportunity to scan my own stuff and go.


Points for getting people in the door! For their opening period, all of their 6-inch subs are only $2.99, and all fountain drinks and coffee are free. Score!


Have you been yet? What are your first impressions? Comment below and let us know!

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