Our Pet of the Week is a real sweetheart!

Popcorn Park Zoo


According to the website: "This beautiful boy is Murphy, a 9-year-old flat-coated retriever that would absolutely love a wonderful, forever home of his own. Murphy had a home for the last five years, but was turned in because he "chases small animals."

Murphy was brought in to us wearing a muzzle, and it sounds as if he wore a muzzle often in the last five years, since he has a sore and scarring on his mouth from it.

Murphy sat calmly while being turned in, while our office cats roamed around and our birds chirped at him, and we have seen no aggression toward other animals from him at all, but he will need a home with no other pets.

Murphy is truly a sweet, loving, calm, affectionate boy. He whines from time to time because he feels a bit lost, but he is so gentle and easy going, he just breaks your heart. Murphy is so well behaved. He walks perfectly on a leash, will sit and offer you his paw when asked, and takes treats like a perfect gentleman. Even in our exercise yard, Murphy prefers to casually stroll around, checking things out, as opposed to running and playing. He wants more than anything to be by your side and have you pet him, and tell him everything will be ok. Murphy just adores people and is good with children too. He just wants so badly to go home.....a forever, loving home is all he's asking for."

Popcorn Park Zoo

1 Humane Way

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Forked River, NJ

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