The mother of a New Jersey State Trooper who was killed while standing in the shoulder of a Route 195 exit ramp in Howell Township last year has made it her mission to educate motorist about the State's new Move Over Law.

Donna Setaro, Mother of Trooper Marc Castellano has been going around to area High Schools with the State Police to talk to teens about the Move Over Law. Setaro says "We thought if we can tell the young drivers and effect them enough that they'll pass on that information to their parents."

Setaro says the Law requires motorist who see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights, including tow trucks and construction worker zones, to move over one lane and slow down at least 20 miles under the posted limit.

Setaro says she came up with the idea to start the Move Over Awareness Campaign, also known as the M.A.R.C campaign, after her son's fatal accident. She says after talking with many of her friends and acquaintances, she realized that many of them didn't know that moving over was a law in the State of New Jersey.

When asked what her goal is?  She says "I'm doing it to save other lives and one of my main concerns is that I have another son Nick Castellano who is a Policeman in Ocean Township, Monmouth County and it's a dangerous job and I want people to be aware that it's very very dangerous to be on the side of the road and doing their jobs."