ShawnieMikes Radio Review - McCartney "New"

There by the grace of God go You and I .... Do some good before you say goodbye ~ P. McCartney

Paul McCartney is 71 , but his music is as new and fresh as ever. His latest "New" is out and worth a listen.

This is McCartney's 16th Studio Album and first since 2007. Paul used four different producers Ethan Johns, Mark Ronson, Giles Martin and Paul Epworth. By the way get the deluxe edition.

Now although I said "new & fresh" it has a vintage sound to it. By that I mean some of the selections have a "Wings" sound to them, like "Save Us" and "Alligator" while others sound like they could be on the Beatles "White" album, like "Get Me Out Of Here" & "Early Days". The title track "New" has a total Beatles sound , so close your eyes and take yourself back to England in the 60's. One of the singles being pushed is "Queenie Eye" not sure how I feel about this track ( as I listen to it now in the background ) doesn't grab me right away, but maybe with time .... or not.

Now I must admit Sir Paul is very hip for a man in his 70's , but I can hear a lil age setting in on his pipes, maybe the first time I thought this with a McCartney album, but hey I'll be a happy camper to be as active and productive at 71. Just the other day along with his band , they made an impromptu appearance in Times Square to stage a mini-concert to promote the "New" album .... Just another block on that long and winding road ....keep rockin' Paul.

Sorry I digress, back to the album. There are three "eclectic" cuts on the new album "Road" ,"Hosanna" and "Appreciate" ... great with headphones ! My fav tune ? Maybe "Save Me" or "Appreciate" or "Everybody Out There" .... Hard to say, but I do know I enjoyed the album a lot, lets hope its not the last!

**** Out of 5