It's turning out not to be a BIG Black Friday, Friday...when really now it's a Thanksgiving BIG Sale Thursday.

It's just crazy to me that stores have to open up on Thanksgiving Day.  I'm a huge fan of Thanksgiving, it's a day to spend with family and a day to just be thankful and eat.  I understand midnight..but that's officially Friday, not Thanksgiving.  Most of the stores are opening up later in the day on Thanksgiving...but still it's a day to spend with family.  Can the sales be that good on Thanksgiving?

Here are some of the stores opening up on Thanksgiving Day:

Best-Buy 6:00 pm

Walmart 6:00 pm

Target 8:00 pm

Macy's 8:00 pm

Sears 8:00 pm

Kohl's 8:00 pm

J.C. Penney 8:00 pm

Will you go shopping on Thanksgiving Day?