If you're a Monmouth County resident who's been affected by floods, drought, erosion, snowy nor'easters, tropical storms or hurricanes the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management wants to know about it.

Flooding on Route 35 in Neptune. (Facebook via Jersey Shore Hurricane News)

As part of their ongoing effort to put together a comprehensive Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan that represents every community they've launched an online survey on the Sheriff's website to get public feedback.

OEM Director Mike Oppegaard says "mitigation is one of the pillars of emergency management in that we're trying to find ways to lessen the impact of natural disasters on the community."

Oppegaard says "what they're looking for is people with information that have either experienced the negative affects of some type of natural disaster or they're familiar with an area in the community that has experienced the negative effects from a natural disaster." He says the information from the survey will help them build a countywide strategy and identify priority areas where they need to focus mitigation efforts. He says it will even help them request funding for projects.

Oppegaard says he says the 15-question survey takes 5 minutes to complete. He says they need public feedback from as many county residents as possible.

Survey: monmouthsheriff.org