One hundred and twenty five years in operation is nothing to scoff at for Monmouth Medical Center, especially given the Long Branch teaching hospital’s humble roots.

Former and current employees, benefactors, and community members all were attendance Wednesday outside the main building to celebrate MMC’s 125 anniversary.

Dr. Frank Vozos, the president and CEO of Monmouth Medical Center acted as the master of ceremonies for the evening and says the facility has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings.

The teaching hospital not only celebrated it’s achievements within the medical community but also gave credit to its employees, of whom there are currently 1,700. Vozos notes like himself, many residents stay within the hospital and continue their careers there.

I think it’s a great thing to see people that have been here many years ago, still utilizing the hospital been able to advance themselves.”

Monmouth Medical Center, formerly known as Monmouth Memorial Hospital, began as several rented room above Arnold’s Delicatessen on Broadway in 1887. A group of businessman rented the rooms so local children could be treated for a medical epidemic that struck the community at the time.

“Here we are 125 years later more than a million square feet and thriving. that says a lot for a hospital to be able to thrive in this environment and build its programs and serve it’s community well.” Says Vozos

The historic hospital also was awarded a commemorative plaque to mark it as a destination within Long Branch’s historical trail.

Altschul Medical Library Director Frederic Pachman explains the hospitals deep roots throughout the area.

“Because we are 125 years old, we were the first hospital in all of Monmouth and Ocean County, and this is where people came for care from everywhere.”