Many gathered at the Biotechnology High School in Freehold. When I walked around the room I saw many smiles, hugs and handshakes given to one proud Sheriff. Sheriff Shaun Golden took the oath of office as he was sworn to a third three-year term as Monmouth County Sheriff.

“The people of Monmouth County put their confidence in us, yet again to serve another term and I am so honored to do so and serve the public and really attack the issues facing public safety this year,” Golden said after taking his oath of office from Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.

Public safety issues are ongoing around Monmouth County. I asked Sheriff Golden what issue he would like to tackle first. He would like to jump on the heroin epidemic, continue education and enforcement.

law enforcement, friends and family at Sheriff Shaun Golden's swear in. (Photo Credit: Chris Scali)

“Moreso, awareness throughout the county," he observed, "not just for our young adults, but for parents and all of the elected officials, so were going to continue that.”

Diminishing the heroin problem is only one goal. Given the constant threat of terrorism, with an ample coastline, a naval installation and a wide array of soft targets within his borders, Golden is focusing deeply on homeland security issues.

“And that means supplying our law enforcement agencies with the best technology that we can, We’ve done that in the Monmouth County Sheriffs Office, and we’ll continue to do it,” Golden said.

As for technology and training, Golden says he wants to be sure in his next term that both are top-grade.

Sean Golden giving a speech on January 5th 2016 at Biotechnology High School. (Photo Credit: Chris Scali)

Golden is going to address the needs of the Monmouth County Police Academy. The Monmouth County Police Academy just received a national accreditation in November. Golden says it’s the first of its kind in the state of New Jersey.

“We're going to be sure that our law enforcement officers have the best possible training," he said, "so when they go out and they have to meet the challenges out in the streets in the respective communities, we're confident they’ll do so.”

With the negative press that’s going around regarding law enforcement, Golden aims to have the best trained officers out in the line of duty.

“That’s in conjunction with the Prosecutor's Office [and] the board of Chosen Freeholders here, who support our efforts in really enhancing the training experience.”

Golden mentioned that the county is going to unveil a new training simulator that he calls the first of its kind, housed in a county building, and featuring a virtual-reality simulator.

“If you look at an IMAX Theater kind of thing, an Xbox 360 on steroids if you will to present 700 plus scenarios to the officers inside the simulator.”

Sean Golden at Biotechnology High School. (Photo Credit: Chris Scali)

The simulator can be set up to look like apartment complexes, correction facilities, and schools. All of that will be scenario-based training for law enforcement.

“We have the best 911 center and, really, the best equipment in the county," Golden remarked.

Golden has some bright visions for 2017 and he’s more excited than ever. He’s a life long Monmouth resident, and an alumnus of St. John Vianney High School and Brookdale Community College, and also of Monmouth University, where he currently teaches.

“At the end of the day, it’s a passion and, really, an honor for me to serve the public here in Monmouth County and make sure we keep them safe.”

Golden loves the diversity across Monmouth County and, of course, the Monmouth County park system.

“When I go running on weekends, I pick a different park to run in around the county, whether it’s Manasquan, Dorbrook Park, Thompson Park. We truly have the best environment.”

Golden is enthusiastic about Monmouth County and is looking forward for this 2017 Term as Monmouth County Sheriff.

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