All afternoon on Monday, you probably heard the reports on Ocean County Traffic Watch about a flipped over camper right on one of the busiest stretches of the Garden State Parkway

It happened right around 3:00 on Monday afternoon, just in time for the beginning of the afternoon rush hour commute, right at Exit 100, the gateway to some of the busiest stretches of the Parkway, like the always busy Exit 98 to 91 stretch.

In the video, you can see the pickup truck towed camper start to fishtail, which is almost always a sign of impending disaster.

As the other drivers started to see what was imminent, everyone slowed down and backed off. It was a miracle that no other vehicles were caught up in the ensuing crash that engulfed almost the whole roadway.



A big thank you to my colleague Matt Ryan over at our sister station 94.3 The Point for picking this story right up and giving me the go-ahead to share it with WOBM's audience!


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