After a picture perfect late spring weekend, we're getting back to work this week with some major weather headaches.

I was woken up this morning by a thunder storm that sounded like it was directly over my head and torrential downpour that made me leap out of bed to close windows.

Of course it kept up for most of the morning, making walking my dog a bit of a challenge (and, frankly, a little scary. My neighborhood tends to flood and I didn't want my pup to be swept away in a flash flood).

On my way to work, I saw traffic on the Parkway northbound at a standstill for at least 7 miles. At that time (around 11:30), the northbound lanes were closed between exits 90 and 91 due to flooding. The backups stretched well into Toms River.

Local roads are also having trouble handling the intense, heavy deluges.

At the moment we're in a bit of a lull, but the rain is expected to sweep back in by mid afternoon.

Of course you can stay with us all afternoon for the latest from Meteorologist Alan Kasper and Ocean County Traffic Watch.

How are the roads where you are? Let us know the trouble spots in the comments section.