ABERDEEN — Denise Schisano said her son, Rene Munoz called her from the Garden State Parkway on Saturday afternoon to ask what was for dinner.

Moments later, he was killed, when his car was rear-ended.

Munoz's close friend of 10 years, Kyia Fredericks, 26, of Brick was driving his Chevrolet Camaro Saturday. They were stopped in center lane of the southbound express lanes at the Old Bridge/Aberdeen line near Exit No. 120 when the Camaro was rear-ended by a Chevrolet Yukon driven by William Owens, 60, of Howell, authorities have said.

Schisano said they went to a Devil Makes Three concert together on Friday in New York because their significant others couldn't go.

"I spoke to my son at 3:18 on the phone and he said, 'Hi mom. I love you. I'm on my way home. What's for dinner?' And then all of a sudden people started calling me and coming over," Schisano told New Jersey 101.5.

She got a call from an New York Police Department officer who had found Munoz's phone and told her to call police.

Munoz had just gotten the older Camaro two weeks ago for his birthday, as a gift from his mother.

Schisano said that the medical examiner told her it took several hours to get Munoz's and Frederick's bodies out of the car, but he was unrecognizable and "she wouldn't let me come see my baby like that."

Schisano has many questions about what led to the crash and how much he suffered.

"Everybody's telling me its on Facebook and people are calling in as witnesses but no one will show me or tell me how bad my son's car was and if he died on impact. I want to make sure he wasn't in pain calling for me," she said through tears.

State Police spokesman Sgt. Jeff Flynn said the crash is still under investigation and it's not known why the car was stopped or how fast Owens' Yukon was traveling. No charges have yet been filed, according to Flynn.

"My son was the brightest star in the world. He was my miracle child. He was 29 years old, still lived at home. He was talented. He did acting when he was young. He was in a couple of movies and TV shows. He found his niche managing a Game Shop store. He was sunshine. He loved everybody," Schisano said.

Schisano said Munoz took care of her after she had two heart attacks in the past year "and he took care of me every minute of the day. My mother, she lives with us, he takes care of her." She said every year he would get tickets for them to go to a Giants game.

"I've got 518 posts (on Facebook) about how their lives will never be the same again because my son is gone. He was a wonderful boy," she said.

Schisano also said her son "had a 16-year-old sister who dedicated her whole sweet 16 party to him because he's always been like a father to her."

Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced for Munoz or Fredericks.

Any witnesses to the crash are asked to call State Police at 609-882-2000.

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