How would you like to place bets in an Atlantic City casino while you’re hanging by the pool or waiting for dinner to arrive? Under legislation advanced Monday by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, that would be possible.

The bill, A-2575, would permit casinos to offer electronic versions of their games that be can be played by guests on mobile devices. The devices, unique to each casino, would allow guests to place bets anywhere on the casino resort property, not just the casino floor.

At the end of their stay, visitors would return the devices to the hotel and, depending on the guest’s luck, cash out their winnings.

“In order to remain attractive to visitors and competitive with neighboring states, it’s important that Atlantic City keep up with the latest innovations and trends,” said bill sponsor Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D). Nevada has offered the mobile service since 2005.

Burzichelli added, “For the convenience of the patron, if you’re sitting by the pool, you can play the game of your choice…You can do it sitting at the table at a restaurant.”

“There are so many things to do at Atlantic City’s casinos and hotels; it just makes sense to allow guests to take their games along with them,” said Republican bill sponsor Assemblyman Chris Brown.

The service would only be available on the special devices, not individuals’ cell phones, and they would not work beyond casino property. Gamblers who utilize the devices would need to establish an account with the casino.

The legislation can now be considered by the full Assembly.