Since this is "Love Your Pet Week," and Sue has written a great post about her doggies, I'm going to post something about my newly adopted fur-baby, Taylor.  We haven't had her very long but now wonder how we ever lived without her!  It's wonderful  how much love and joy a dog can bring into a home.  She's been a great addition to the family and has transitioned very well.   Obviously I'm smitten...I don't even mind that she's "taken over" my comfy chair! Nor do I mind the shedding. I am so glad she's here.


Now, I want to ask for your help in solving a mystery.  What mix of dog breed would you say she is?  Many of you responded when Justin asked a similar question about his dog so I thought it would be fun to see what you have to say about Taylor.  

The rescue organization described her as a mix of two breeds, but we've had other people suggest at least four additional breeds.  Whatever mix of mutt she is, I love her to pieces!  Now, if you have a minute and can "paws" your workday, I'd love for you to write in the Comments section what type of breed combo you think she is.  Thanks!