I could make a case that the two words we often misuse the most are “nobody” and “everyone.” 

Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan shake hands at the end of their debate at Rowan University (WCAU TV)

We do this not because we don’t know the meanings but because we are trying to make points and go way overboard.  For example as little kids we’ll try and argue with our parents about something we want and we’ll say something like “but everyone is going to the party” when of course that’s not the case.

When my daughter would use that plea I would usually respond with “well if everyone is going they’re going to need a bigger building because everyone won’t fit inside.”She would usually respond with a look of disgust because I had made my point.

We do the same with “nobody” and it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old it will again be used to make a statement.  Nobody is going, nobody likes him, and nobody wears that clothing. You get the point.

With all that said today the state of New Jersey is holding a special election to fill the seat held by the late U.S Senator Frank Lautenberg and nobody cares.  I know that is not the case but frankly (pardon the pun) this election has done little to excite the masses and my guess is the voter turnout will show that nobody comes closer than everyone in describing the numbers who vote.

Democratic Newark Mayor Cory Booker will likely cruise to victory over Republican Steve Lonegan and as is the case with politics today the majority of people won’t really care.

Berkeley Little League's Moorage Complex (Berkeley Little League)

On a different subject.  The Berkeley Little League is hosting a free tree giveaway this Saturday between 9am and noon.  It’s all because of a partnership between the New Jersey Tree Foundation and the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee’s Environmental Program.



140 redbud trees and 60 yellow birch trees, each between 2-3 feet tall in a pot will be given to Ocean County residents but you must register for the giveaway by today.  Simply go to www.berkeleylittleleague.org and fill out the brief application.  Residents in shore teams impacted by Superstorm Sandy are strongly encouraged to sign up for the free giveaway.