Yesterday, we told you about State Senator Dick Codey's ambitious legislation to help the ever-growing homeless population in New Jersey. Now a longtime supporter and advocate is speaking out about what he calls "a severely flawed plan."

Minister Steven Brigham is no stranger to the issue. In fact, during the last several years, he's been a champion for the residents of tent city in Ocean County's Lakewood Township. He feels strongly that both local and state leaders aren't doing enough to aid those in need. When it comes to Codey's plans, Brigham says "close, but no cigar."



Codey's plans will send more social workers onto the streets around the state to try and let the people know they don't have to stay out in the cold. Also, a measure would make sure the non-violent mentally ill wont be turned away from a shelter. In addition, foreclosed homes around New Jersey would be flipped into affordable housing units.

Brigham calls the plans a good start but compares what they're doing to putting a band-aid on an ax wound. He says it boils down to simple, basic human rights that we all have.

Brigham says "everyone has a right to have affordable housing. Codey's plan is just more government subsidized housing. We need small developments with small or modest homes like we had back in the 60's and 70's. It really sits in the hands of these politicians. It's definitely a bi-partisan issue."

Meanwhile, Brigham continues to push for a permanent brick and mortar shelter. It's an issue that's wrapped up in litigation.