It seems we spend an awful amount of time worrying about other people and the way they live their lives when we should be concentrating on our own. Of course when I say “we” I’m speaking in general terms but it just seems like the world could be a lot better if (here I go again) “we” would not worry about things that don’t involve us.


Top of the list would be the subject of gay marriage in New Jersey which seems to consume the time and energy of those who should just shut up once and for all.

Does anyone really believe that society is going to suffer and fall apart if John marries Joe or Sarah marries Samantha? I will admit there was a time I had mixed feelings on the subject but no longer…let homosexual couples have the same legal rights we (at least most of us) have in this state. Governor Christie is doing the system and process a disservice by yelling from his bully-pulpit that “gay is not the way” in New Jersey. Frankly we should be much more concerned about $4 a gallon gas prices.

What really is evident is that there are many who want the way they live to be the rule for everyone. Whatever the debate is they truly believe their opinion is what counts and this usually comes into play on issues that to them center on morality. Shouldn’t common sense prevail here and we allow people to live the way they want…as long as they operate within the law and behave decently? There are so many real problems in our communities and country from unemployment to feeding the hungry…our energies and passion would be better focused on those then worrying about what someone does in the privacy of their own home.

The bottom line is we need to embrace our differences and I’m not just talking about sex, age, race or religion. If everyone were the same not only would it be boring but we would appear like robots. It’s time to fully acknowledge that it’s not only okay to be different….it’s what’s got us to this point in the first place and it’s necessary if we’re going to have a future.