In part four of our five-part series, "Millennials," we explore the negativity people of the millennial generation face as they continue to look for work and attempt to save for the future.

As the millennial generation continues to struggle finding work and building their life, they also face an image problem. Often called lazy, spoiled and entitled many baby boomers say the troubles of young people are their own fault.

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"The entitlement, their parents are a little bit too involved, giving them permission so to speak," said a teacher who lives in Old Bridge.

However, millennials say they are being mislabeled as lazy and blamed for not thriving in one of the worst job markets in history.

"We walked into a workforce that we weren't expecting and we feel entitled to a chance, but I don't think we feel entitled to anything without putting the work in," said Che Blackwood, 27, of Spring Lake Heights.

College debt continues to be a strangle hold on many young people. The millennial generation is one of the most educated, with the majority having bachelor's degrees and many obtaining masters as well.

However it's the generation graduating at the peak of the "college bubble," with the cost of college nearly doubling in the past decade.

According to Institute of College Access and Success, borrowers from the class of 2012 have on average $29,400 in student debt, up from $23,450 in 2008 and $18,750 in 2004.

"They said go to college, you'll be able to make a living and that's what I did. Society made a promise to me, I upheld my end of the bargain and I went way above and beyond and I haven't gotten the rewards my society has promised me," said Joe Evaristo, 30, of East Brunswick.

While many young people are unable to find well paying full time work, bills still arrive in the mail so some millennials find themselves working several jobs just to make ends meet-all the while being called "lazy."

"I've worked three jobs at once, I'm just down to two now so lucky me," said Bradley Rice, 26, of Lincroft.

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