The "Sitch" has a bad "sitch" on his hands. He and his family have been evicted from their Middletown tanning salon.

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Boca Tanning Salon is in trouble for failure to pay rent. While the establishment has only been open since March of last year, it's had plenty of controversy.

In early June, employees at the salon told authorities their paychecks had bounced. Shortly thereafter, Sorrentino was arrested at the salon and charged with simple assault following a dispute with his brother Frank over how the business was being run. Many believe the fight was a stunt for the family's reality show.

The eviction seems to be the real deal. According to, after his landlord sued him, Sorrentino agreed to pay the back rent of about $32,000 in installments of $5,500.

"The Situation" failed to pay the first installment by the Jan. 15 deadline and the landlord took action to evict him. A warrant of removal was posted on the storefront on Feb. 12.

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