Middletown Township will be adding itself to the list of municipalities utilizing shared services with Monmouth County.

The county’s largest township will be placing their emergency servers into the county server storage facility. Monmouth County already has one of the most developed shared services programs with dispatching and 911 call already being handled for most of the municipalities through the county.

Freeholder Director Thomas Arnone is enthusiastic by the prospect of Middletown utilizing the shared services program.

“That’s the largest municipality in the county. If you see Middletown coming over to the county to share services, I find it very hard to believe that we can’t offer to the other 52 municipalities”

Arnone, who has spearheaded much of Monmouth’s Shared Service Initiative from the board of Freeholders, believes that with Governor Christie asking towns to tighten their belt, sharing services will be even more of a necessity.

“Quite Frankly I don’t know if in today’s two percent cap municipalities are going to be able to have this same type of technology as technology grows so it’s something we feel very strongly about. “