Dr. Manoj Patharkar, who has already been convicted in October for an alleged involvement in sophisticated fraud and money laundering in connection with his offices, now has his license removed for good by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners for 'indiscriminate prescribing' of "Subsys".

VILevi, ThinkStock

Subsys is a spray form of fentanyl approved only for use in certain cancer patients to help alleviate pain according to the NJBME.

“Dr. Patharkar recklessly ignored the well-established risks associated with Subsys, and put his patients in grave danger of overdose or death by flouting the strict rules for prescribing it,” said Steve Lee, Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs in a statement. “His reckless prescription of this powerful drug, coupled with the crimes he committed in connection with his pain management centers, renders him unfit to practice medicine in the State of New Jersey. A permanent revocation of Dr. Patharkar’s license is the only way to ensure he will do no further harm to the public.”

Last month Patharkar, 45, was convicted for hiding $3,600,000 from his medical offices to avoid paying taxes, and for using that money to pay illegal kickbacks to other doctors for patient referrals to his practices.

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