Florence Foster Jenkins is a lovely movie with the incomparable Meryl Streep playing the role of a woman with a terrible singing voice.  Even though she's off-key, she makes it to the stage at Carnegie Hall, fulfilling a life-long dream.  Streep does a beautiful job portraying a woman who literally lives for music.  Her body is weakening yet her passion for song keeps her going.

Hugh Grant plays her common law husband.  He's loving and (sort of) devoted and wants to see her musical dreams become reality.  Grant is getting good reviews for his work in this film.  He's winning and likeable as a complicated character living a double life.

And would you believe that one of TV's most beloved sitcom stars plays an important role on the big screen here?  As Florence's pianist, Simon Helberg is perfect!  Quiet and reserved, unlike his Howard Wolowitz character on Big Bang Theory, he plays the notes that allow Florence to use her voice.

At times, the shrill singing hurt my ears but that was my only complaint about this movie. It's sweet, funny, and well-acted.  In my opinion it hit all the right notes.

Have you seen Florence Foster Jenkins yet?  What did you think?