New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is making it known that he is unsatisfied with the Republican’s proposals for Medicare reform.

Menendez visited Belmar along with Shore Congressman and fellow Democrat Frank Pallone, speaking about Medicare and Medicaid as part of his stops during his re-election campaign.

Menendez bills himself as a staunch supporter of Medicare, citing the help it provided his mother during her fight with Alzheimer’s, and claims the Republican’s reform plan which privatizes it doesn’t provide the same time of coverage and is unacceptable.

The GOP plan calls for a switch from the current system which qualifies citizens when they hit the appropriate age, to a system which provides support to buy private insurance.
Menendez believes the problem is even with support seniors won’t receive comparable quality coverage.

“The financial aid given, will never equal anywhere what Medicare presently provides to a senior in terms of health care services, and therefore it falls far short.”

He admits the current system is in need of reforms however he notes the Affordable Care Act has extended the life of Medicare for another dozen years.

“There are still many more things we can do to prevent waste and fraud and abuse.”