A Howell Township 35-year-old, who allegedly threatened his father and stepmother with a hammer, is evaluated, charged, and ordered to stay clear of the couple.

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Police did not disclose the identity of anyone involved, citing confidentiality of domestic violence victims and the suspect's history of mental problems.

According to Chief Andrew Kudrick, he was charged in 2008 with two counts of attempted murder, weapons possession, terroristic threats, criminal trespass and bias intimidation, and found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Officers Ryan Hurley and Dan Murphy, responding to a call from the house Friday night, found the suspect initially cooperative, but became combative when ordered to keep his hands out of a backpack he held, and out of his pockets, police said.

Several officers were needed to cuff him as he struggled against efforts to restrain him, police said. Officers found the hammer in the backpack, a tactical-type knife and pepper spray in his pants pockets, and a dagger in his bedroom, police said.

The individual was given crisis evaluation at Centrastate Health in Freehold, where police said he created a furor among staffers and security officers.

In addition to the domestic-violence charge, he faces counts of obstruction, resisting arrest and weapons possession, and ordered to have no contact with the parents. Police said that they were reluctant to seek a temporary restraining order, or to file charges.

"This information was released to provide another example of what our officers as well as officers across the Country face on an everyday basis," Kudrick said in his Facebook entry.

"Sometimes the endings are tragic. Fortunately, the highly trained officers of this agency were able to resolve it without resulting to a higher level force."

Charges are accusations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless,and until, found guilty in a court of law.

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