I've told this to many a man in my life, and none of them ever believe me.

A woman's body changes every single day.  The jeans you wore yesterday might not fit today.  And tomorrow, they may be too big.   We can gain any where from 2-5 pounds, a whole size larger for most of us, in just a day.  And mysteriously, it's gone the next day.  Men never believe this, but ask any woman and she will tell you it's very true.

Every woman I know has at least 10 pair of jeans.  Guys, the next time you admire  a girl casually put together in a great pair of jeans,  you might want to consider what went into finding that perfect pair.

For us,  finding a pair of jeans is the single most difficult addition to the wardrobe.   And even if you do find a great pair, how many times have you put them on the next day and they don't fit.  It's so frustrating. 

A man goes into the jeans section, picks out a pair, just like the last ones he brought, and bang, he's done.  They fit him and he's set for the next 3 years.  Ah, to be a man.

Ever go into the womens section of a jean store?  We have low rise, mid rise, high rise, and for the very brave, super low rise.  We have skinny, boot cut, flare, straight leg, and legging jeans.  Stretch jeans.  Jeans that don't stretch.   Did you know there are at least 10 different "blue" jean colors?  Oh, and lets not forget faded, destroyed, and just in time for the holidays, sparkle faded. 

Like snowflakes, no 2 pair of jeans are alike. You can wear a size 4 in one brand and a 10 in another.  And almost every time you wash and dry them, they will get smaller.

Jeans can cost as little as 20 dollars and some can be priced at several hundred.  Even if you find a pair that fits you perfectly, and you buy a "spare", you will find that the second, "Identical" pair won't fit the same. Every woman also has her "skinny" jeans...the ones she fit in...once...a very long time ago and keeps just to try on occasionally for torture purposes.    She will also have at least 2 pair of jeans that are too big.  Those, my friends, are the ones we love the most.

For days like today.  I call those my Thanksgiving jeans.  Welcome to the Holiday Season!