I have read and been told that women find men who cook attractive…even sexy.

That certainly doesn’t do me any good because as my wife will tell you I am useless in the kitchen unless you count picking up the phone and ordering take out useful. This month’s segment of “The Above-Average Guy” in Men’s Health magazine deals with men and cooking. Some results that you might find interesting.

• 82% of men say they savor their time spent cooking in the kitchen.

• 46% say a grill is their favorite cooking tool…I agree.

• 37% say even when the temperature outside is below freezing they will still cook on the grill.

• 35% of men say their cooking style is primarily “plan and simple.”

• 71% say they have no problem pouring themselves a bowl of cereal for dinner…I feel the same way about a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

• With Thanksgiving coming up it’s interesting to note than 20% of men take over the cooking on this holiday.

• 33% of men also say they carve the turkey.

• By the way, the average guy gains between 3-5 pounds during the holiday season.

• 50% of men secretly think their moms are better cooks than their partners…I am not among them. My wife is a tremendous cook and baker.

Of course food shows have become very popular and I am among the 62% who regularly watch them. In our house the Food Network is the fallback channel to watch then there is nothing special on. Even though I don’t cook I am fascinated by shows like Iron Chef America, The Next Food Network Star, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and many others.

• 30% of guys who watch food shows say they do so for the females who do the cooking. Topping that list is Giada De Laurentis, whose Giada at Home is quite popular in part because the 41-year old is as hot as her food.

Couple of other numbers to keep in mind. Nearly half of the men surveyed say they have seduced a woman with their kitchen prowess and over 17,000 men injure themselves with kitchen gear each year. I don’t know if these last two are related in any way.