After failing to inform the Seaside Heights Police Department he was changing addresses a Megan's Law Offender is heading back to prison for 364 days after a sentencing in court today.

Melton L. Mincey (Ocean County Prosecutor's Office).

Investigators say Melton Mincey was also found to be in possession of Cocaine last summer, and he was aware he had to inform the local police of his address change 10 days before doing so but failed to comply.

Mincey plead guilty in January of failing to register as a Megan's Law Offender which is a third degree offense as well being in possession of a controlled dangerous substance, which is also a third degree offense.

The date of the incident occurred between the end of July and early August.

Upon release from his sentence Mincey must fulfill his obligation to register as a Megan's Law offender and follow all the procedures along with it.