Yes I took yesterday off but it was not much of a fun day unless you call getting a colonoscopy and stitches removed your definition of a joyous medical doubleheader. 

The colonoscopy was routine and something we should all do at least every 5 years once we turn 50.   The prep for the procedure is not a lot of fun but honestly nowhere near as bad as it apparently used to be years ago and the test itself allows you to experience the best nap you’ll ever have.

The staff at Ocean Endosurgery Center in Toms River was great and when it was all over Dr. Paul DeMartino gave me the good news in his usual colorful style.  Nothing like those vivid color photos of your colon…would have looked nice on my Facebook page.


Dr. DeMartino gave me the 5-year get out of colonoscopy jail free card afterwards which is what you want to hear.

Later on my “day off” I visited Dr. Howard Berger who last week performed minor surgery on my neck to remove a cyst that I’ve had for at least 15 or 20 years.

It was one of those things that just needed to be taken care of and he did in the same-day surgery unit at Community Medical Center.  All turned out well as he took the stitches out and said the cyst was nothing to be concerned about.

Dr. Berger and I have an interesting history as several years ago I need surgery and he was recommended to me. The night before the procedure he comes in to brief me and says we had sort of met before.  Turns out that when my wife was giving birth to our son Brandon in 1985 he ended up assisting because it became an emergency c-section.   Really is a small world.

That’s it on the medical front this morning but here are a couple of other quick-hitters:

Congratulations to Toms River South softball standout Danielle Gabriel who Monday broke a 22-year old school record for most strikeouts in a season during an 8-1 win against Manchester.  Gabriel tossed a 4-hitter and struck out 12 for the 15-6 Indians who have been a pleasant surprise this spring.   A junior, Gabriel now has 243 K’s this season which breaks the Indians record previously held by Jodi Solana.

Congrats also go out to Toms River North boys tennis coach Steve Hill as he collected his 300th win yesterday when the Mariners topped Vineland to advance into the South Jersey Group 4 semifinals.   Hill is in his 16th season as head coach of the Boys Tennis team and he also coaches the girls in the fall where he’s won 279 matches.