It seemed like the whole world stood still last year when McDonald’s announced that they will be serving select breakfast items all day. Ocean County McDonald’s specifically serve only muffin sandwiches all day, along with burritos and hotcakes. C’mon, let's admit, we all were a little disappointed when we found out that the beautiful, tasty, mouthwatering McGriddle wouldn’t be on the menu.

Flickr user dave_mcmt

Multiple major news outlets are reporting that the behemoth corporation will be adding McGriddles to the all-day breakfast menu in select locations in August, and is expected to be made nationwide sometime in September. If you have never experienced a McGriddle, you’re missing out. It’s a delicious miniature cake with pockets of syrup - or heaven. 

Are you excited for McGriddles being added to the menu all day? What’s your favorite breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s?


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