Newark Mayor Cory Booker has joined a non-partisan grass roots group that says it want to work to unblock the political logjam in Washington.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker (Getty Images)

Booker describes the group, "No Labels" as an organization of people who have come together to try to fix the really deep core problems in Washington.

He says, "I am Mayor of a city, and I see how their inability to come together and actually solve problems pushes the problems down to the local level and actually costs us as taxpayers more money. Where we used to have a Tip O'Neil and a Ronald Reagan coming together and working together, we now have rigid partisanship with people not even going out socially, but leaving after a three-day work week to travel across the nation and further walk along their partisan lines."

Booker says, "No Labels" wants to inject what he calls practical, problem-solving back into Washington's leadership with structural reforms. He says far too often in the current political climate, leaders are rewarded by their party for keeping their position far from the center and away from moderation.

Booker adds, "Whether it's an inability to act and do something about health care, whether it's the inability to take on the immigration issue. All of these things are actually not solving problems, first of all, makes the problems grow."