UPDATE - Round 1 voting has completed. Click here to vote on Round 2!

Mascot Madness 2017 has now officially been live for three days, and we're already getting an idea of who is going to make a hard go at it this year!

As a reminder - out of the field of 18 that we're starting with, only 8 will make it through to round two. The 10 that will be eliminated will be based on pure votes.

So far, here are the strong contenders who have come out of the gate hard:

The Donovan Catholic Griffins look determined to take the crown this year. The first 24 hours or so were a little slow all around, but the Griffins have come screaming ahead at this midweek point.

The Toms River South Indians aren't messing around either. If they keep up the pace they're at right now, they'll be a shoo in for round two. I'm guessing that they weren't too happy about their rival Toms River East Raiders taking it all last year.

Speaking of the Raiders, they definitely have a repeat in their sights with a strong early showing.

If the voting ended right now, the top 8 would be:

Donovan Catholic Griffins
Toms River South Indians
Toms River East Raiders
Toms River North Mariners
Central Regional Golden Eagles
Barnegat Bengals
Brick Township Green Dragons
Point Pleasant Borough Panthers

But not to worry, we're still very early in the competition!

Voting in round 1 continues through Sunday, March 12th.

Haven't voted yet? You can do so right now below:

Round 1 voting ends Sunday, March 12th at midnight. The Top 8 schools will advance to Round 2, which will also be the start of our head-to-head, bracket-style tournament!


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