The Manchester Township School District will be putting together a new strategic plan and they're hoping to get input from the entire community.

Rosenauer Elementary School in Jackson (Ocean County Signal)

Schools Superintendent Dave Trethaway said the three-year plan will not only center on student achievement and educational programs but on safety and security, school culture and climate, community contribution, technology and finances as well.

Trethaway said in the past, the strategic plan was always based on a five-year span but he believes a strategic plan has to be more flexible and able to easily adapt to the state's changing requirements. "The demands and the priorities change almost yearly depending on what the state's requirements are and as far as our resources, we think it's more advantageous to do a three-year plan", he explained.

According to Trethaway, a Superintendents Advisory Committee, made up of parents and members of the community, began the process last year of identifying some areas of concern and areas that need to be addressed. "This year we're really looking at getting additional input and really focusing on some of those areas."

Trethaway if you'd like to contribute your ideas, help with the planning process or attend one of the Strategic Planning meetings, e-mail him at the Manchester Township School District website or directly or call 732-350-5900.