The most snow that fell on any one place in 11 states in the path of Winter Storm Janus fell in Manalapan, according to Dr. Jeff Masters's blog on Weather Underground.

Ian Forsyth, Getty Images

It piled up to 15.8 inches in the Monmouth community, eclipsing Philadelphia's 13.5 inches and leaving New York's Central Park, where 11 inches fell, in a trail of dust. Atlantic County escaped with about 3 inches.

Snow blanketed a swath of the United States from Kentucky through New England, and out through Illinois and Indiana.

Here in New Jersey, many communities have already reached their average seasonal snowfall levels, and winter still has about two good months left in it. But records show that the winter of 1995-96 was a lot harsher, with some parts of the Garden State getting as many as three times their normal snow accumulations.

And, not to dismiss the bitter cold temperatures we've got, barely scraping the underside of zero with wind chills - many American cities set their modern cold records in the winter of 1985. Chicago recorded -25, and even Jacksonville, Florida dipped to 7 degrees.