We want to know your favorite "Man Movie" or "Chick Flick"

So here is the deal....My Daughter Erin celebrates her "sweet 16" today. April and I decided that instead of throwing a huge party that we would send her and her cousin who's turning 16 too , to Disney. It's a "girls" week at Disney. Two Mom's & two 16 year olds! That being said while the "girls" are away Zach and I are going through our list of "Man Movies" each night , along with pizza, chinese takeout and burgers !

So we wanna know what is your favorite "Man Movie" or "Chick Flick"  ?

Men sound off on your favorite..... Maybe a "Bond" flick or Crime Drama or Action Adventure ?

Ladies aound off  ..... A "Love Story" or "Romantic Comedy"

Maybe I'm being stereotypical with those categories, so we wanna hear from you to see what Men and Women like......

According to Amazon, the number one "Chick Flick" is "When Harry Met Sally"

According to "Men's Journal" the number one "Man Movie" is "Dirty Harry"

Tell Us Your Picks! ~ Shawn & Sue