A little of this and a little of that heading into the Labor Day weekend.

So how do you know when you have made it big?  Is it when you buy a fancy car or big home? No!  How about your first Rolex or other fine jewelry? No!

You have made it big when you have a sandwich named after you. In New York that would be at the Stage Deli where Al Roker, Adam Sandler, James Galdofini, Conan O’Brien, Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods are among those whose names are attached to sandwiches.    There may be a day when Todd Frazier’s name is on the menu at the Stage but knowing him he’s probably just as happy that in his own hometown he’s already achieved that celebrity status.

If you walk into the Driftwood Deli and Sub Shop on Fischer Boulevard in Toms River and order the #30 under their list of subs you will be asking for “The Todd.”

What you’ll be getting is a sandwich featuring roast beef, turkey, yellow American cheese, bacon and yellow mustard.   The deli just didn’t create this on their own. Tt’s what the red-hot Cincinnati Reds rookie ate time and time again when he was a high school student at Toms River South.  There is an autographed picture of Frazier at the Driftwood and co-owner Shelly Long said if you want to get the sandwich the way Todd does you can’t include lettuce, tomatoes and onions because he doesn’t.

The way things are going for Frazier the next time he comes in he can buy #30’s for everyone.  The 26-year old has emerged at the top of the National League rookie class and could be on his way to winning the Rookie of the Year Award.  He’s also quickly become a fan favorite in Cincinnati where his #21 jersey is sometimes hard to find because it’s selling so well.

The Baltimore Orioles have been one of baseball’s biggest stories this season and are just 3 ½ games behind the Yankees in the American League East.  It’s been a good season at Camden Yards, not just for the Orioles but for Toms River’s Jordin Fox.

The former East Raider worked this summer as an intern at the ballpark where she produced in-house videos that were displayed on the stadium screens.  Fox just began her senior year at Towson University.  While at High School East she was very involved with TV21, the school district’s television station.