More than eight months after Superstorm Sandy, work is about to begin to rebuild a road that's described as the gateway to the Jersey Shore - Route 35.

Governor Chris Christie and Department of Transportation Commissioner Jim Simpson announce the $265 million construction project to rebuild Route 35. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

The $265 million project will stretch 12.5 miles through eight different towns.

"The rebuilding costs are significant because the damage was catastrophic. There's no part of the highway within the project limits that's worth salvaging," says New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

He points out the project calls for an entirely new road to be built with a modern drainage system that includes nine pump stations.

"Our goal is to complete the project as quickly as possible and get out of your way, so you can get back to using these roadways and the business owners will be able to do what they need to do."

Christie says the rebuilding should be completed by the summer of 2015, but a normal compliment of lanes will be maintained through the summer months, so visitors aren't deterred.

"A lot of work is still ahead of us for this highway project and for the thousands of homeowners who are still recovering," says the Governor. "But understand that I won't rest until everybody who wants to rebuild their home, wants to live back in the neighborhood where they came from are back in those neighborhoods."

He adds New Jersey residents understand what precious real estate is involved here.

"This just isn't about the value of the real estate, this is about what it means to us in our hearts, what it means to us in our memories, and that's what this place is all about more than anything else to me and to the people of this state."

Courtesy Governor's Office