Hiking is very popular these days and if you love it in the Summer... How do you keep the insects away ?

So if you love to go for a Summer "stroll" here at the Jersey Shore you know that the bugs can be a problem. How do you deal with insect protection while still getting in your Summer hike ? Ticks have been a problem and with our warm Winter there seems to be more around to deal with. Of course here in our area of New Jersey mosquitos are always a problem!

Another pest are flies, especially the South Jersey "Greenhead" these guys bite! maybe my enemy number 1 !

So here are a few tips to fend off the bugs!

1. Long Socks ( if hiking in shorts )

2. Long Pants

3. Bug Repellant

4. Midday Hikes ( Bugs seem less abundant at noon )

So what do you do to enjoy a Summer Hike ? How do you deal with bugs ? Do you avoid Summer Hikes ?

* I took photos while hiking at "Freedom Fields" County Park in Little Egg Harbor Twp , New Jersey