Coming together to help a young girl stricken with a horrible disease

As Parents our biggest concern is the well being of our children. Every Parent out there knows how important it is for us to protect our kids and make sure they are ok !

Meet Alexis Mills. Lexi is 15 years old. At a young age she was diagnosed with cancer. She has already undergone surgery for removal of a tumor....there is still a long road ahead, but hopefully she will be able to begin to heal, but there is still alot of medical expenses ahead. The Manchester Fire Company is going to Host a benefit dinner to help off set costs for the family ...

The dinner is to help her family fight this disease so she can focus on healing and begin her journey as a healthy teenager and get back to a normal childhood ~

The "Love For Lexi " Dinner will take place Saturday, October 26th from 2-7 PM at the Manchester Fire Company .... 545 Commonwealth Blvd .

There will also be a 50/50 and Gift Auction

For more details, to make a donation and/or "Take Out Orders" Call 732-240-3880.