As we know by now, nobody hit the jackpot in last night's $363 million Mega Million lotto drawing. That means that the jackpot now goes up to a staggering $476 million, the largest US lottery jackpot ever.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm normally not a big lotto player. When the jackpots get really big I'll throw a buck or two at it. When the jackpot gets this big, the office pools start getting collected. Kevin Williams started collecting cash (and dreams) in an envelope for the office today here at the WOBM building.

There are plenty of feel good stories about office mates joining in on a big lottery payday, but there are also the occasional stories about the one person who "didn't feel lucky" and decided not to pitch in, while their co-workers went on to win millions.

So how do you handle office lottery pools, especially when the jackpot is this big? Do you pitch in and dream big, or do you stay out of the hype and keep your cash? Vote below, then feel free to comment and let us know more about what you think about office lottery pools!