Getting ready for possible College locations with our kids

Do you have a High School Junior or Senior ? My Daughter Erin is now a Jr. and the search is on for a possible college. She just went through the catalogs to send for info from various colleges. It appears she is looking at New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania colleges. This is the first step to begin looking....are you there at this point too ?

I must say I have mixed emotions ... part of me doesn't want her to grow up so fast and the other part of me is actually excited to go on a road trip to stay over and visit perspective schools. There's still alot of time between now and when she actually goes to college , and who knows what her pick will be...but its still another big page in the "life" scrapbook.

Tell us where your kids are thinking of going away to college at ?

Here a list of New Jersey "State"  Colleges

Here's a List of Area "Community" Colleges